Maui offers many interesting and unique souvenirs that you can find on your bargain hunts around the island. You’ll surely find something more personal and authentic than a souvenir shot glass or dancing hula girl dashboard ornament.

    From touches of local culture and history to the delicious flavours nurtured and harvested in the tropical landscape, you can find the perfect memento for yourself or your friends and family back home. Take a look at these great ideas for souvenirs to buy in Maui and enjoy the experience of immersing yourself in Hawaiian island culture.


    Macadamia nuts

    A delicious and healthy snack

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    Native to Australia, macadamia nuts can be found just about anywhere, but those found in Maui are special. Hawaii was the site of the world's first commercial macadamia nut plantation when they were brought to the island from Australia in 1881. 

    They're not only great to bring home as a taste of the islands, but they also have many health benefits. Macadamia nuts contain plenty of essential minerals, antioxidant flavonoids, protein, iron, thiamine, niacin, vitamin A, and more. Grab a container of macadamia nuts to bring home or opt for cooking oils or other macadamia products that you can find all over Maui.


    Kukui nut lei

    Celebrate the island with a garland of candlenuts

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    A kukui nut lei is a way to go if you're looking for a quintessential Maui souvenir for yourself or your friends and family back home. Regarded as a symbol of Old Hawaii and used by indigenous groups for their spiritual and medicinal qualities, kukui nut leis are instantly recognisable and inexpensive. 

    You can find these candlenut garlands from street vendors and gift shops all over the island, and they will last forever. As a memento, a lei will serve as a reminder of your experience and the values of Hawaiian culture.


    Children's books

    A way to support local authors

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    Maui is home to many beloved authors of children's books. Hawaii does not only have a significant publishing industry, but it also offers a variety of children's titles that teach little ones about diversity, culture, and unique traditions in the island state. 

    You'll find bookshops with children's books throughout the island, so you can bring home tales of Hawaiian legends like Pele or fascinating wildlife like humpback whales and eels. Stories range from riveting true events to charming tales filled with wonder and enchantment.



    An iconic instrument to bring back the sounds of the islands

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    A ukulele is a lovely souvenir to bring home from Maui and a great gift for musicians in your life. Maui has many shops that sell the handcrafted and high-quality iconic instrument of the island, as well as standard models in convenience or department stores. 

    If you just want a Hawaiian memento, you can find plenty of cheap ukuleles in stores or high-quality used ukuleles at flea markets. If you want the top of the line, you can get a ukulele made of native koa wood that was produced in Hawaii.



    Get your caffeine fix with Hawaiian coffee

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    Hawaii is known for producing quality, locally grown coffee, so no matter how much you like your chain brew, you simply must try a native cup. Maui is filled with local shops that offer a range of coffee variations, as well as seating areas, outdoor spaces, and unique souvenirs. 

    In most local shops, you can purchase coffee beans or grounds to bring home with you so you can enjoy the delicious local brews long after you return from your trip.


    Local jewellery

    Adorn yourself with Hawaiian heirloom jewellery

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    Hawaiian heirloom jewellery is a traditional type of jewellery that dates back to the islands' monarchy. Traditionally, the jewellery featured the person's name and 14k gold with black enamel inlays in bracelets, earrings, or pendants. Though it can be a bit pricey for a souvenir, it's well worth the investment to buy an authentic piece with high-quality materials that you'll have for many years. 

    If you want to save money but still get the real thing, flea markets and swap meets often have preowned heirloom jewellery that you can get for a steal without compromising the durability and beauty.


    Lavender tea

    Take a sip and enjoy relaxation every day

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    Maui is home to many lavender fields that inspire a number of products, including tea. The plant requires a cooler climate to grow, and you can look out over peaks to see stunning fields covered in purple flowers. With lavender being such an important crop in Hawaii, you can find a variety of lavender tea blends that include lemon, black tea, bergamot, and more, giving you an array of options to suit your tastes. 

    If you prefer tea over coffee or have a tea lover in your life, bring home some local lavender tea bags, loose tea, or even some teaware from Maui.


    Aloha shirts

    Get ready for casual days with aloha shirts

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    Also known as a Hawaiian shirt, the aloha shirt originated in Hawaii and is known as casual or leisurewear on the mainland. The shirts are typically button-down and short-sleeved with brightly coloured prints of tropical flowers and intricate designs. 

    In Hawaii, aloha shirts serve as casual wear and informal business attire, but for most mainlanders, the aloha shirt is a symbol of holiday, "casual Fridays," and retirement. You can find aloha shirts almost anywhere, but why not bring home the real thing from its homeland?



    Savour the taste of the tropics with pineapple

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    Pineapples are associated with Hawaii even though they aren't native to the islands and make a great buy to bring back home. Hawaii did start a large pineapple industry in the early 1900s, however, and it's still thriving today. The tropical plants are grown year-round and are all planted by hand, and the climate produces delicious fruits that may just be the best you've ever had. 

    During your trip, be sure to grab some pineapple products to take home. You could get some Spam and enjoy the popular island meal of Spam with pineapple slices, even in the heart of a cold northern winter.


    Honu turtles

    Show respect for nature with these souvenirs

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    The Hawaiian green sea turtle, or Honu, is the only indigenous reptile in Hawaii and is a symbol of good luck, known as Aumakua. According to legend, the Honu would turn into a human girl and protect the children on the beaches. Now, the Honu represents the connection between humans and nature. 

    You can find souvenirs with Honu turtle images on them, such as key rings, hats, jewellery, shirts, home decor, and more, to commemorate the beauty and splendour of the islands.

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