High Park is Toronto’s largest public park with 399 acres of varied wildlife and activities, including hiking trails, historical buildings, greenhouses, several playground and picnic areas, places to eat, sports facilities, a gorgeous lakefront, a dog park, and a zoo. The depth of its significant plant and animal life has designated multiple park areas as Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest.

North of Grenadier Cafe lies a labyrinth based on the Chartes pattern, placed on a concrete circle that had previously been a picnic shelter. Without the powerful CN Tower in the background, one could easily get lost in the majesty of nature.

High Park in Toronto - one of the highlights of 10 Free Things to Do in Toronto and 9 Best Family Things to Do in Toronto (Read all about Toronto here)

What are the highlights of High Park in Toronto?

On its open-spaced savannahs, the protected vegetation at High Park boasts the rare Black Oak, which is around 4,000 years old and remains on approximately a third of the park’s land. Walking, running, and cycling through this natural and beautiful diversity is both a local and tourist favourite. Baseball and ice-skating are other popular activities during summer and winter, respectively.

In addition, the Jamie Bell Adventure Playground provides another exploratory experience, appealing to children for the fun and adults for the opportunity to relax. There’s a slide, swings, an ice cream lorry to enjoy, and shade nearby to rest beneath.

What else is good to know about High Park in Toronto?

At the centre of the park, Grenadier Cafe is a 300-seat restaurant and outdoor patio area that offers local classics aside from alcohol. Located in the Southwestern part of Toronto, High Park offers convenient, easy-to-access parking through public transit. People usually visit the park for about 2 to 3 hours at a time.

From spring to fall, a tractor that pulls wagons made to look like a train takes visitors on a tour of High Park, pausing occasionally to give information about special points of interest. The renowned Canadian Stage Company also hosts a pay-what-you-can Shakespeare in the Park every year at High Park.

High Park in Toronto

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