Where to shop & what to buy in East Midlands

    • 7 Best Places to Go Shopping in Leicester

      Leicester has enough shops and stalls to suit every budget, with highlights including an open-air market where vendors sell handmade and imported goods. The city has a very vibrant arts scene, resulting in a high concentration of quirky boutiques, art galleries, antique stores, and gift shops. Leicester city centre is where you can find shopping malls that have world...

    Where to go & what to do at night in East Midlands

    • 10 Best Things to Do After Dinner in Leicester

      The best things to do after dinner in Leicester include edgy stand-up comedy and intimate live music venues. The city is known for its arts and culture, so you’ll catch a show by among Britain's most popular bands and emerging talent. You can find cosmopolitan bars, rustic pubs, and student hangouts, especially in areas surrounding the city’s top educational...

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