Miyakojima or Miyako Island is a stunning slice of paradise near Okinawa’s main island where travellers can unwind on pristine beaches and enjoy aquatic adventures. With a subtropical climate, the island is warm and welcoming virtually all year long, though the summer is still a popular favourite for many travellers worldwide. The beaches are quite varied, with Maehama Beach offering white sands and stunning sunsets, while Yoshino Beach is favoured for its snorkelling among reefs and colourful fish. Any of the beaches will provide you with a relaxing day and add to the memories of your trip.

Swimming is always popular around this island, but your adventures can go further during your visit. The presence of coral reefs around the island makes snorkelling feel like you’re looking into an entirely different world. If you’re feeling brave, diving may be the more exhilarating option, as you can take an unforgettable journey to a mysterious world hidden beneath the waves.

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  • Miyakojima Travel Guide

    This Miyakojima travel guide shows you the highlights of the largest island of Okinawa Prefecture in Japan. Miyakojima is all about white-sand beaches, calm turquoise waters, and marine life-rich reefs. In other words, it’s got all the essential ingredients for an idyllic tropical island getaway. The paradisical isle forms part of the Miyako Islands – home to several of Japan’s...

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