Whether you enjoy going from store to store or prefer everything in one place, Oslo is a perfect city for shopping. From high-end shopping in Akersgata to the modern malls at Byporten and Storo. Oslo offers plenty of opportunities to lighten your wallet in a way that suits you. Just remember to bring enough arms to carry the shopping bags with. Take a tour of all the best shopping spots the capital has to offer!


    Oslo City

    High-rise, varied and adapted to suit all tastes, needs and wishes

    When Oslo City was founded in 1987, it was in a part of the city that badly needed renewal and some new and impressive projects. The shopping centre that was ready the following year was just that, and since its opening, Oslo City has attracted keen shoppers who appreciate both the breadth and the cutting-edge expertise of the almost 90 stores.

    The two internal glass lifts take you from the dining hall on the ground-floor and up to well-known chains, which line the five floors from bottom to top. You can buy everything from food and electronics to jewellery here.

    Location: Stenersgata 1, 0050 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Monday-Friday 10.00-22.00, Saturday 10.00-20.00, Sunday closed

    Phone: +47 815 44 033


    photo by Wolfmann (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified



    The shopping centre that takes you to new places

    With close to 40 stores, Gunerius complements its neighbour Oslo City. Especially if you're looking for shoes, clothes and cool accessories. But Gunerius has a lot more to offer. Cosy cafés on the street level and a well-equipped fresh food counter in the basement are our some of favourites, but you will probably find your own if you go there.

    Just east of Gunerius is also Brugata, which is packed with cool nightlife and alternative shopping. Brugata takes you straight to Grønlandsleiret, and to the eastern-most part of the city.

    Location: Storgata 32, 0184 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Monday-Friday 09.00-20.00, Saturday 10.00-18.00, Sunday closed

    Phone: +47 22 17 05 71


    photo by Anne-Sophie Ofrim (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified


    City Gate

    For people on the go

    For those of you who are on your way home by public transport, City Gate is the perfect place to shop. The fact that this shopping centre is located in the same building as the capital's largest public transport hub is far from the only reasons to flex your shopping muscles here. City Gate's shops target travellers, selling luggage and all those little things you left behind at home.

    You'll find specialist shops targeted at customers who are on the move, along with cosy cafés and wellbeing offers.

    Location: Jernbanetorget 6, 0154 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Monday-Friday 10.00-20.00, Saturday 10.00-18.00, Sunday closed

    Phone: +47 23 36 20 07


    photo by MOs810 (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified


    Arkaden Shopping

    A classic shopping centre for those looking for something urban and exciting

    Well before the giant neighbouring malls stole most of the footfall, Arkaden was one of the coolest places to shop in Oslo, and it has still managed to keep its regular and loyal customer base. Clothing was the centre's key commodity, but since competition from its neighbours began to grow, the range of goods on offer has become much more varied.

    Now the confines of Arkaden's modest floorspace offers everything from knick-knacks and fashion to specialty shops and restaurants. Look closely and you can still spot signs of the centre's former grandness.

    Location: Karl Johans gate 5, 0154 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Monday-Friday 10.00-20.00, Saturday 10.00-18.00, Sunday closed

    Phone: +47 22 17 05 71


    photo by Anne-Sophie Ofrim (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified


    Storo Storsenter

    Plenty of parking and opportunities to fill the car with bargains

    With its perfect location for motorists, Storo Storsenter is much more than the nearest shopping centre for the residents of Sandaker, Torshov and Kjelsås. Oslo's shopping centre attracts shoppers from all over the city, and it's no wonder many other big stores have had the same idea.

    Over a third of the centre's stores specialise in fashion, so there's every chance you'll find a style that suits you. Large grocery stores and a great choice of eateries mean you can fill up on goodies while you empty your wallet.

    Location: Vitaminveien 7-9, 0485 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Monday-Friday 10.00-21.00, Saturday 10.00-19.00, Sunday closed

    Phone: +47 22 89 00 20


    photo by Vidariv (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified


    Paleet Shopping Centre

    The perfect place for shopping and window browsing

    Not only does the Paleet have one of the most exclusive addresses in Oslo, the shopping centre has also taken pride in having the most specialised clothing stores along Karl Johans gate.

    With shared shop windows facing the entire main street, the shops really get to show off their best side. For anyone with a penchant for high-end fashion, a bit of window shopping here is great for daydreaming your way to your next meeting.

    Location: Karl Johans gate 37-43, 0162 Oslo, Norge

    Open: Monday-Friday 10.00-19.00, Saturday 10.00-18.00, Sunday closed

    Phone: +47 23 08 08 11


    photo by Ssu (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified


    Karl Johans gate

    Paradegaten is lined with tempting offers and famous shops

    On Karl Johans gate from Egertorget to Jernbanetorget, lie all manner of close-knit shops, and anyone who manages to walk the entire length of the street without a single temptation is a truly disciplined individual.

    This is where you'll find this year's hippest fashions, fun attractions, exceptionally well-stocked fruit and nut retailers and much more that will have you reaching for your wallet. In summer, there are few places that are as fun to sit and people-watch as on Karl Johan.

    Location: Karl Johans gate, Oslo, Norway


    Steen & Strøm

    A classic department store that meets all your shopping needs

    Before the modern shopping malls took over, there were two department stores in Oslo battling for consumers' attention: Glasmagasinet and Steen & Strøm.

    The latter eventually became the more luxurious of the two. Here you'll be met with friendly and knowledgeable staff keen to kit you out in timeless quality goods that span a wide range of categories. Combined with a selection of first-class eateries, Steen & Strøm is really the only place you need to visit when shopping in Oslo.

    Location: Kongens gate 23, 0153 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Monday-Friday 10.00-19.00, Saturday 10.00-18.00, Sunday closed


    photo by Matt Kieffer (CC BY-SA 2.0) modified



    Treat yourself to something special while strolling through the city's best shops

    The choice of shops along Stortingsgaten is Oslo's proof that quality far outweighs quantity for those who love to shop, because this is home to the city's most exclusive shops. And you don't need to have a specific idea of what you're looking for because the staff is among Oslo's most refined and knowledgeable.

    They will help you find something very special in all price ranges - whether you're looking for a pair of gloves in exclusive calfskin or handmade jewellery at one of the city's renowned jewellers.

    Location: Stortingsgata, 0161 Oslo, Norway



    A real paradise for connoisseurs

    Akersgaten is best known as the epicenter of Norwegian media, but has over time also built up a reputation as the place to shop for the most fashion-conscious among us. With a short distance between the individual shops - and the opportunity to walk between many of them under one roof - Akersgaten is both convenient and accessible when doing other errands in the city centre.

    It is within easy reach of the many wonderful cafés during the day, and countless bars and restaurants in the evenings.

    Location: Akersgata, Oslo, Norway


    photo by Matt Kieffer (CC BY-SA 2.0) modified

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