The 84-storey Baiyoke Tower is an unmissable towering landmark in the Pratunam area of Bangkok. Its skywalk on the 77th floor has large viewing windows and is the best place in the area to get sweeping bird’s-eye views of the skyline. The revolving rooftop observation deck on the 84th floor is where you can gain even higher and more impressive views of the city.

Baiyoke (pronounced 'Bayok') was once Thailand's tallest building at 309 metres and still ranks as one of the tallest buildings in the whole country. Adding the 34.35-metre spire, the building stands at a total of 343.35 metres. Baiyoke Tower is home to an early hotel built in 1998, and has mostly become an attraction and a shopping complex all in one. The area where the tower stands is known for the famous Pratunam market with its thousands of clothing and garment shops.

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Baiyoke Tower observation deck

It’s one thing to see the Bangkok skyline from your hotel window, but watching it from the 84th-floor outdoor revolving deck is entirely another. Up at the top, the cool breeze, the excitement, the open space and the sense that you’re on top of one of Thailand’s tallest buildings make all the difference.

For around 400 baht, the price of one T-shirt from the shopping mall underneath, you can get access to the skywalk on the 77th floor, the revolving observation deck and a free drink (from a small selection of fruit juices, soft drinks, cocktails, beers or spirits). The skywalk, with huge display windows all around and coin-operated viewing scopes, is a prelude to what’s to come once you actually get to the rooftop. Facing the 4 directions, the skywalk offers information on the landmarks, major areas and highways spreading out below.

Depending on the time of day and how clear the sky is, the Baiyoke Tower experience will be different. Sunset and nighttime are very popular, although the views are equally amazing in the daytime. You might be able to see way beyond the Chao Phraya River to the west and south.

Once you’re up on the revolving deck, you can spend as much time as you want, before going down one level to enjoy your complimentary drink. The whole place is a bit old and doesn't have the charm of all the newer rooftop bars and restaurants in Bangkok, but this is really about getting a unique view, trying to recognize familiar places far off in the distance, and even the hotel you’re staying at.

Baiyoke Tower shopping experience

Apart from the viewpoints, Baiyoke Tower II offers 6 levels of shopping. But don’t expect glitz and glam, as shopping in Pratunam caters to wholesale and mass-market types of clothing. Instead of brand names and designer labels, think affordable clothes that are good for blending in rather than for making a fashion statement. You don’t have to buy in bulk as prices are already very cheap even if you pay the retail price for single pieces. Most shops will offer a discount when you buy 3 or more items.

Compared to nearby Pratunam Market, Baiyoke Tower II shopping offers more variety for men as well as indie types of clothing. The second basement level is interesting, as it has all kinds of graphic-printed T-shirts imaginable – whether cartoon characters, football club logos, graphic nude women, heavy metal types, rock emblems, reggae style, embroidered patterns, tie-dye and many others. You can find accessories like bags, beads, necklaces, hats, belts and more T-shirts on the 4th floor.

Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Baiyoke Tower is also home to the 4-star Baiyoke Sky Hotel, one of the highest hotels in Bangkok. Divided into 3 zones (depending on the floor heights), the guestrooms and suites offer various panoramas of the city skyline and come complete with modern amenities.

Another way to enjoy the view is while enjoying the international and seafood buffet at Bangkok Sky Restaurant (76th, 78th floors). If you're not a hotel guest, you can purchase a combination which comes with access to the 2 viewpoints for around 1,100 baht. Crystal Grill (on the 82nd floor) specializes in grilled meat but also offers an international buffet.

Baiyoke Tower in Bangkok

Location: Soi Ratchaprarob 3, Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Open: Skywalk and observation deck open daily from 10am to 10.30pm

Price: 400 baht

Willy Thuan | Compulsive Traveller