A holiday in Kas treats you to a charming seaside town on the Turkish Mediterranean coast. The town is on the path of the Lycian Way – a long route traversing the coast of ancient Lycia with rock-cut tombs, amphitheatres and even sunken relics under calm waves. There are plenty of well-preserved ancient sites and ruins alongside modern pleasures. 

While Kas attracts history lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, there are also excellent beaches for those in search of sun and sand. You can find a few nightlife spots with a friendly local vibe along cobblestoned streets. Markets and shops offering local crafts, ceramics and jewellery are worth browsing, and there’s a chockfull of dining spots where go on a journey of flavours through authentic local fare.

What to see & do in Kaş

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Where & what to eat in Kaş

  • 5 Best Local Restaurants in Kas

    Looking for the best local restaurants in Kas? Then give these tasty local eateries a try. A mouthwatering blend of east meets west, Turkish cuisine is both exotic and delicious. And no one does national gastronomy with as much gusto as a traditional local restaurant run by passionate home-grown chefs. Sure, Kas is rapidly becoming more international as word of its...

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Where to shop & what to buy in Kaş

  • 5 Best Places to Go Shopping in Kas

    The lively market town of Kas provides one of the most unique shopping experiences on the Turkish Riviera. Kas is known for its array of smaller boutiques and its cobblestone streets attract some of Türkiye’s most talented artists. Although Kas is a tourist hot spot on the Lycian Way, its charming atmosphere presents a glimpse into the traditional Turkish lifestyle. There...

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Where to go & what to do at night in Kaş

  • 5 Best Nightlife in Kas

    Kas has a nightlife scene that stands out from other resort towns lining the Turkish Riviera. Instead of enormous dance clubs, the town is filled with vibrant bars boasting their own unique atmosphere. Parties carry on late into the night and numerous places host live music performances to entertain guests. During the season, you’re likely to find a concert every...

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