Cenotes Kin Ha is a popular cenote destination near Cancun for swimming and outdoor adventure activities. Located along the Puerto Morelos Cenotes Route, Kin Ha is on the western side of Quintana Roo, between Cancun and Playa del Carmen. A cenote is a naturally occurring limestone pit or sinkhole that contains groundwater.

Visitors of all ages can appreciate the beauty and history of Cenotes Kin Ha, a vibrant pool of blue water surrounded by limestone and lush jungle flora. This unique location near Cancun draws both locals and travellers, who typically spend from two to four hours swimming, splashing, dining, and adventuring around the cenote.

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What are the highlights of Cenotes Kin Ha?

Historically, cenotes like Kin Ha were used by the ancient Mayan peoples as an important water source, and sometimes used for cultural offerings. Cenotes were also believed to be entrance doors or portals to the Mayan underworld, known as Xibalba.

Today, tour companies at Cenotes Kin Ha offer a variety of different full-day and half-day activity packages, typically popular with holidaymakers in Cancun. Available activities for visitors can range from horseback riding through the jungle to quad bike excursions, swimming, and zipline courses. You’ll definitely want to bring a camera to Cenotes Kin Ha to capture some of the amazing scenery and memories you’ll make there.

Good to know when visiting Cancun’s Cenotes Kin Ha

Tours to Cenotes Kin Ha near Cancun typically include transport to and from the site, as its location is off the beaten track. Be sure to verify travel arrangements with your tour company when booking. Also refer to the Cenotes Kin Ha website for age, height, and participation requirements before booking.

If you’re planning a visit to Cenotes Kin Ha near Cancun, be sure to bring biodegradable sun cream to protect the cenotes’ natural ecosystems. You’ll also want to pack swimwear, sandals or water shoes, a beach towel, a dry change of clothing, and cash for tips or personal expenses.

Cenotes Kin Ha near Cancun

Location: Cenote Kin ha, 77501 Puerto Morelos, Q.R., Mexico

Open: Daily from 9 am to 6 pm

Phone: +52 998-212-8877