Corsica is an island in the south-eastern Mediterranean coast of France. Nicknamed the ‘Isle of Beauty’, it’s an excellent resort destination thanks to its pristine bays and beaches, as well as lush forests and cliffs. Naturally, active travellers can enjoy outdoor fun such as snorkelling, hiking, boating and horseback riding during their holiday.

    The towns of Corsica have a distinctive Italian culture – locals preserve their unique history through cultural celebrations, historic sites, music and arts. There’s a lot to experience in Corsica, whether you’re holidaying in the large cities – Bastia and Bonifacio – or getting away from it all at the island’s remote villages like Vizzavona and Algajola.

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    • 9 Best Souvenirs to Buy in Corsica

      When you head home from your Corisca holiday, you’re going to wish you could take the island with you. You’ll long for the sounds, smells, and flavours you encountered while there. The good news is that there are plenty of souvenirs you can pick up. With the right choice of souvenir, you can bring the great memories of Corsica home...

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    • Corsica Travel Essentials

      Corsica resembles a miniature continent in the southeastern Mediterranean coast of France, and one that earns its nickname of the ‘Isle of Beauty’. With glittering bays, dense forests, stunning coastlines and pink cliffs, Corsica is an excellent holiday opportunity. From snorkelling to hiking, you can’t run out of adventures on this vibrant island. Experience traditions that span centuries, explore cobbled...

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