Centre-Loire Valley is a picturesque region packed full of history with numerous UNESCO sites complemented by stunning landscapes populated with vineyards and natural splendour. Travellers interested in World Heritage monuments will find a wide variety of Gothic cathedrals, including the legendary Chartres Cathedral crafted using 13th-century architectural styles. Chateaux are also a major part of the landscape with icons like Chateau de Chambord showing off 16th-century extravagance.

The natural world of Centre-Loire Valley boasts seemingly endless fields of verdant greenery with serene rolling hills. Much of this land is used for winemaking, with Loire Valley Wine being a staple known around the world. The region is particularly known for its sauvignon blanc white and pinot noir reds. Wine tours are readily available throughout the region that not only let travellers taste delicious wines, but you can also learn about the delicate craft of winemaking as told straight from the experts.

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  • 10 Must-See Sites in Centre-Val de Loire

    In Centre-Val de Loire, you'll find prestigious châteaux and monumental cathedrals in a peaceful rural setting. While it is the heartland of the kings of France, with its sumptuous Renaissance chateaux and their French-style gardens, it is also made up of the vast rural and forest landscapes that flourish in the Loire Valley. Around 100 km from Paris, you will find...

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