Grand Est

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Grand Est is a northeastern region of France known for its satisfying combination of natural wonders, quaint villages and wines that are famous around the world. Because of its unique geographical location, it’s also a fascinating melting pot of culture with clear influences from Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. This can be seen not only in the architecture but in the food.

In Grand Est, travellers looking to spend time in the city may want to visit Strasbourg, the region’s capital. Reims and Metz have plenty to offer those visiting the area, too. Colmar is especially popular, as it’s considered to be the Little Venice of Alsace. It provides gondola rides on canals where you’ll pass by waterfront cafes and shops set in historic buildings. It’s also quite colourful, with buildings typically painted a vibrant blue, orange or green. Of course, the champagne houses of Epernay are notable, too, allowing you to enjoy world-famous champagne alongside dynamic views of the surrounding natural wonders.

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    The Grand Est, encompassing the cultural and historical regions of Alsace, Champagne-Ardenne and Lorraine, has everything to satisfy you. Visit old medieval towns, walk or cycle around a lake, go on an excursion in a wildlife park and follow routes to discover specialities and age-old traditions. Do you think it's for you? Then try the Grand Est for your next French...

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