Marseille, sitting on France's south-eastern coastline and the capital of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, is a town best seen on foot. The Corniche trail shows the city's sculpted coastline off at its best, showcasing dazzling ocean views as it winds its way around the coast to the south of the Vieux Port.

For architecture fans, a stroll down Boulevard Longchamp to the Palais Longchamp monument, which was built to mark the completion of the city's canal in 1870, is a must. The pomp and opulence of the Palais, with its decadent fountains and gardens, make it a sight to behold.

What to see & do in Marseille

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Things to Do in Marseille include vast museums of history and art, historic buildings, sites and neighbourhoods, architectural wonders and worlds of adventure. Check out the ruined island fortress of Château d'If, the lavish 1800s architecture at Cathédrale La Major, the scenic islands at Frioul archipelago or the beach and rock walls at Calanque d'En-Vau.You can head for the grand park of Palais Longchamp or the Massif des Calanques national...

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Where & what to eat in Marseille

Food and dining in Marseille can be best described as "diverse," with seasonal dishes and dynamic cooks always looking to define the next stage of the city's unique flavour. Everyone here draws from the past while constantly looking ahead, and the city is in the midst of a culinary boom, making it a definite foodie destination.For seafood, check out places like La Mercerie or Madame Jeanne. The Egyptian tearoom at...

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Where to shop & what to buy in Marseille

Shopping in Marseille is some of the best outside of Paris, with broad and diverse offerings from upscale brands to arts and crafts shops tucked into cobblestone alleyways. You'll find vast indoor shopping malls and outdoor traditional historic markets offering local goods and fresh produce. Popular items to bring home include soap and carved creche figurines known as santons. Major shopping areas are the rue Paradis, the rue Saint Ferréol and...

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Where to go & what to do at night in Marseille

Nightlife in Marseille encompasses everything from vibrant disco nightclubs with DJs spinning thumping dance beats to live music, refined sit-down cocktail clubs and other experiences. The city has over 300 clear days every year, so some of the best nightlife in Marseille centers around open-air outdoor venues with stunning Mediterranean coastal views. For dance clubs, check out Cabaret Aléatoire. For rooftop dining, head for the Vieux Port where tons of options...

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Information about Marseille that will help you explore the city includes advice like grabbing a CityPass that gives you unlimited access to public transport and discounted attractions. With this card, you can get guided tours, entrance to Château d'If, the MuCEM museum  and even discounted tastings at local restaurants.Though it's a huge city, the best way to get around Marseille is on foot. Most neighbourhoods are quite pedestrian-friendly. If you...

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