Finistere, which is a name derived from the Latin phrase for ‘end of the Earth’, is home to brilliant natural features like beaches, coves and staggering rocky cliffs. This western region of France offers unforgettable outdoor adventures for travellers whether you’re looking to see the jagged granite rocks in Ouessant or the rocky islands around Pointe de Pen-Hir. Pointe du Château is particularly popular with travellers looking for a stunning viewpoint from which to take in the sunset.

If you’re more interested in history and towns, Finistere hosts historical sites and charming villages. Brest is among the most popular thanks to its role as a commercial port and naval base with plenty of museums to visit like Musée National de la Marine, or you may be interested in Quimper, an old Breton city with the iconic Gothic Cathedrale Saint-Corentin. A lot of the best shops and cafes in town are located near the cathedral, so simply look for the steeple to know where to go.

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