Languedoc-Roussillon is a southern region of France that’s officially part of Occitanie, where travellers can enjoy everything from the Mediterranean coast by Spain to the Rhone valley. If you’re looking for fun in a thriving city, this region is home to Montpellier, a city known for its world-class wines and special events. One major event is the International Mediterranean Film Festival Montpellier, the second-largest of its kind in the country after the iconic Cannes Film Festival.

Outside of the city, this region is home to several long sandy beaches, such as Espiguette Beach, which is notably shallow and offers opportunities for water sports like parasailing. The general landscapes of the region are impressive, composed of forests, gorges, caves and even surreal plateaus that resemble something closer to the moon than anything you’d expect on Earth. The closer you get to the border with Catalonia, the more Spanish influence you’ll feel, especially in the Sardana folk dances and fun summer festivals.

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