St Tropez is one of the Mediterranean’s fanciest beach destinations, on a stretch of coast known as the French Riviera. It’s a small town that swells in the summer months when hundreds of yachts line the port and drop anchor in the deep blue waters of the Med.  

    This town is all about laidback luxury. Head to one of St Tropez’s many beaches, drink something chilled and fizzy while eating freshly grilled seafood. Join the jet-set crowd down by the waterfront in Vieux Port or take a walk up to the citadel that has great views over the city.  

    What to see & do in Saint-Tropez

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    Things to do in Saint Tropez range from hitting beaches and restaurants to shopping, history, art galleries, chic bars, museums and just exploring this French Riviera paradise. You can visit museums like Annonciade, Gendarmerie Nationale or the Museum of Maritime History to learn about art, cinema and naval history. Head for Place des Lices for a historic market. Walk the shores of Pampelonne Beach for relaxation and a thriving nightlife... Read more

    Where to shop & what to buy in Saint-Tropez

    • 10 Best Places to Go Shopping in St Tropez

      The best places to go shopping in St Tropez showcase the town’s rather low-key retail scene, with stores decorated to blend in with the historic setting. This picturesque Riviera town is synonymous with luxury, so you can find many deluxe international brands among little specialist ateliers. Come to St Tropez for cutting-edge fashion, from jewellery to haute couture...

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