Portimao has some of the best beaches on the Algarve’s west coast, but you'll also find a rich vein of history beneath the sun, sea and sangria.  Dominating the seafront is the impressive Santa Catarina fort, which dates back to medieval times. Closeby, the Roman ruins at Quinta da Abicada are prized for their mosaics.

Portimao is a magnet for sports fans – international competitions, including sailing, powerboating, and superbike races, liven up the town throughout the year. A must-see is the popular beach soccer tournament, known as the Little World Cup. 

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  • 5 Best Places to Go Shopping in Portimão

    Shopping options in Portimão include malls, shopping streets and fancy boutiques. The city has deep roots in fishing and shipbuilding but it has also seen a resurgence as a European retail icon. Situated in the western Algarve, Portimão remains one of the primary hubs in the region for both locals and travellers. The town’s beautiful waterfront adds a delightful ambience...

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Where to go & what to do at night in Portimão

  • 5 Best Nightlife in Portimão

    Portimão attracts sun-chasing holidaymakers each summer, so it’s no wonder this pretty little port city also has an exciting nightlife scene. After a long day lounging on the beach or exploring the charming old town, there’s nothing better than chatting the night away with a stiff cocktail in hand. So where should you go to experience the very best nightlife in...

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